Saturday, 23 August 2014

Experimental baking adventure > Braided Pizza

I tried my hand today at some 'experimental baking'. Thanks to those wonderful pinners on Pinterest, I came across many varieties of 'braided pizzas', so thought I would give one a go.  First decision was, what sort of dough to make?  A yeasty dough that requires plenty of time in a warm spot to double in size? Pffft. Not likely today in Canberra. There was a touch of springy-ness in air, but it was still on the cool side. Besides, who's got the time to wait for a ball of dough to do its thing? So off to Google I went. I searched for 'pizza dough no yeast' and came across (of all things) a kids cooking website

The recipe called for 1 cup of Greek yoghurt, and 1 cup of self-raising flour. I have to say you need waaay more flour for the yoghurt I used, so it was more like a cup and a half.  Mix yoghurt and flour together until it comes together enough to turn out and knead for about 8 minutes.  It is a very soft, light dough.  Roll out on baking paper, to make it easier to transfer onto your baking tray.

Now for the mixture. I cooked off a finely chopped blend of; 4 x mushrooms, 5cm chorizo, and 1 x ham steak. Let this mix cool slightly after you've tossed it around in a pan for a few minutes.  Now for the assembly.  I spread a wide line of pizza sauce on first, then layered down small slices of pepperoni.

Next was a crumbling of green capsicum, followed by the mushroom/chorizo/ham mix.  Crowning glory was a mix of grated tasty and mozzarella cheeses.

Now the fun part, the braiding!! make slits on either side of the central 'log' of filling, then working from one end, begin to bring one side in and over followed by the other. Angle slightly and pull as you go to blanket in the filling.

I used a touch of water so each flap stuck down nicely on his neighbour. Transfer carefully onto a tray, and bung into an oven, at say, 180 degrees (fan forced). I watched mine like a mother hawk and when it turned a shade of light brown all over I gave it the knock test. Took close to 15 minutes. It sounded hollow, and the bottom was nicely cooked. DONE! Oven off. Rested on the tray for a couple of minutes more to crisp up.

The verdict?  Awesome.  A nice light dough and a great tasting filling. The plus side was it was quick to whip up.


  1. Oh I loooooooveee this. Such a fun meal. Was it a tad messy when you cut it?

  2. Hi Anna! It was so much fun to make, I should have made a second one. Next time. Not too much spillage at all when it was cut, as I kept the ingredients pretty dry (hence no pineapple) and didn't load up on da sauce. I was chuffed to see the finished product! : )