Sunday, 7 September 2014

Mmmm doughnuts...

You know the bakeware you have kicking around in a cupboard, seldom used, that you bought at a market, or a closing down sale, or just at a sale, and you thought, "I must have that, I'll use it someday...".  Well I have two pans that fit that category perfectly.
Doughnut pans. 
They looked so cute, and they are good quality 'Bakers Secret', and they were brand new (bought them at a market stall) and I just had to have them.  Well they have never been used... until today.

I hit up Google with the search terms 'doughnut recipe baked' and out popped one from Ina Garten, the one and only Barefoot Contessa, courtesy of the Food Network.  I admit I tweaked the recipe right off the bat, by dropping the amount of sugar in the batter down from 1.5 cups (!) to a mere 1/3 cup. I also dropped the step of dredging the little babies in butter before their cinnamon/sugar sprinkle bath, and the coating still adhered to their lil brown coats just fine. 

The delicious end result, which made the house smell like a doughnut van had just parked outside my kitchen window... 

So, so easy. Dangerously easy. Will definitely make these again : )


  1. In alllllllllll the years I have been a chef and cooking professionally, I have never ever made a donut. Ha, reckon I better change that stat. Dang they look delish! :) Oh how I adore the smell of fresh baked donut. #yarm

    1. Hi Anna! Thank you, they were (and still are, thanks to the magic that is my freezer) delish! I don't know why I put off making them for so long. Wait... actually I do > calories! I kid you not, they were entirely too. simple. to. make. I have since squirreled away more recipes (ie pinned to Pinterest 'baking' board) so will bake the next batch for a work morning tea. That way they are OUT of the house : )