Sunday, 21 September 2014

To market, to market

It just wouldn't be Sunday without a trip to the markets. The Canberra trash 'n' treasure markets that is.  First up, is the Jamison markets. It takes hubby and I a good 25 minutes to get there but its a great market.  First to greet you as you walk through the main entrance is the man selling all things poultry. Live ducks and chooks greet you with their gobbles and cawwwws. I don't think I have ever seen someone buy one of these creatures, but he is there every week.  After that, there are row upon row of mainstay stall holders, selling all manner of fruits, vegetables, plants, honey, seedlings, shoes etc etc. There are always a smattering of 'newbies' sometimes selling for the first time. Lots of house clean outs, garage sale remainders and "I just need my space back!".  I only purchased one item at this market - a book titled "iced - 180 very cool concoctions" for a mere $3 from a couple of lasses having a cookbook/magazine clean out.  

While driving to the next markets at Woden, we were stopped by traffic control as a cycling event was being held.  Waited a couple of minutes near Scrivener Dam, only to see a virtual peloton of cyclists whizz by in a humming blur of lycra, rubber and metal, followed by a seemingly endless convoy of support vehicles, and a couple of motorcycle police for good measure.  Once that was sorted, off to the Woden markets we went.  

Lots to look at today. Lots of 'newbies' selling homewares, books, nick knacks and the like.  A lovely lady was selling bags of lemons. Fresh, yellow, beautiful lemons. I just HAD to have me some. I thought they would be perfect for some lemon butter. Some of a regular fruit and veg seller's produce also caught my eye - asparagus!  He grows it on his farm in Young. I bought a bunch, with thoughts of some sort of ricotta tart floating through my head.

It is great to buy Australian asparagus, and not the stuff from Peru that can be found in the local supermarket. I shudder at the amount of food miles the Peruvian stuff racks up!

Markets done. Next stop - the supermarket. Stocked up on a kilo of ricotta for the tart I just had to make. 

So, the kitchen frenzy today resulted in a delicious amount of lemon butter, some prepped dinners for the week now nestled in the freezer, and a wonderful ricotta and asparagus tart.  I got the main recipe for the tart from the Fine Dinings Lovers website, but tweaked it up by adding cooked leek, chicken and prosciutto. I just loved how the pastry turned out! I am not a dab hand with pastry by any stretch, so was chuffed with the result!


  1. Love doing the market rounds! We used to do that more before the kidlets, weekends seem to have too many other activities these days...I do still love to do a big cook up post markets though, it’s very satisfying :)

    1. I had a couple of hectic weeks at work recently, and those frozen dinners were a great fallback. Dinner in a flash (well, a microwave flash).