Sunday, 19 October 2014

Ode to Coconut

Ah coconut, how I love thee.  I do. I love all things coco-nutty.
The smell of it, the taste of it, the fact it has both juice and flesh and the sheer versatility of it, from being able to eat it, make soaps from it, and using the coir from its husk to make all sorts of things from doormats to fishing nets.

This month my kitchen has produced a variety of things devoted to the coconut. I bought a coconut from my local supermarket, checking first for that all important sloshing sound when picking it up which meant it was full of lovely coconut water. I also bought a packet of coconut meal (also known as coconut flour).

So, from the fresh coconut and the coconut flour I have made...

Coconut pancakes
Beat together a couple of eggs and add a dash of vanilla. Add to this two mashed bananas, a teaspoon of cinnamon, a teaspoon of baking powder and a third of a cup of coconut flour.  The flour seemed to absorb the moisture really quickly, so I added a splash of milk, and gave it a good whisk.  Pop small spoonfuls into a warm pan and flip when golden.  Yummo. That made for a great weekend breakfast. 

Hummingbird cake
From the taste website, this was a really easy recipe EXCEPT I was watching the Bathurst 1000 race on TV at the same time and omitted the olive oil!! I wasn't about to unload the cake batter from the tin, so I sent it into the oven, sans oil, and it turned out just fine.  The fact that I might have toppled in a couple of extra pineapple pieces may have given it the additional moisture it needed. Suffice to say, the cake was a hit, especially with the hubby.

Coconut cocktail
This was a little thrown together from likely contenders that just happened to be the kitchen. I wasn't about to go to the shops and get something else. So... this little concoction consisted of fresh coconut juice, a splash of gin, a splash of Solerno, and some crushed up pineapple pieces (which were leftover from the Hummingbird cake recipe).  Fruity, warming and sunshine-y, yum. 

A quick breakfast smoothie
About a third of a cup of fresh coconut water, same amount of milk, and a generous handful of blueberries. Blitzed up with the stick mixer until frothy and purple. That went down a treat.

And finally,
Snacked on the coconut flesh. We kept it in a bowl in the fridge and would pop a piece during the evenings. 


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