Saturday, 15 November 2014


C apital
R egion
F armers
M arket

Are held every Saturday, between 7.30am and 11.30am, at EPIC in Canberra.  I admit it is a bit of a trek from Tuggeranong, but so worth it. Every time I have been, I see new things and talk to different stall holders. Its a vibrant, buzzing place, where people catch up with friends, enjoy the day out with the family, and shop for all things veg, fruit, bread, honey, fish, meats, muesli, ice cream, pizza's, nuts, pies, coffee, plants, and flowers.

It is also a great place to snap some photographs.  I went there today, to try out my new 85mm lens, and boy it is a beauty. Such soft portrait like shots, so razor sharp in focus and a soft blurring of the background.

I was taking some shots of the lovely display at the Win's Creek Honey stand when Maryanne, the stall owner, mentioned she would love some updated photos for her website.

Well, we got talking and I got snapping! I'll send her a USB key filled with images.

I did email her my details afterwards, and added just a single photo as a sample pic, and she loved it!! She's already used that image on her website, and will use it on her Facebook page this week. I am stoked!! Ha, my first 'gig' as a photographer : )

Meanwhile, here is a smattering of some of the amazing photos I took, and some of the colourful, fresh produce that is available.


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