Monday, 10 November 2014

Smoque Woden

I must admit I have been a little slack and haven't blogged for days and days. I've done stuff, eaten stuff, visited places, cooked, and baked but haven't put fingers to keyboard.
Well here goes....

Hubby and I, and a friend of ours tried out Smoque in Woden last Tuesday night.  It was to be 4 of our, but our fourth was called to work at the last minute.  We wanted 6.30pm for our booking, but was told either 6pm or 8pm. Ho hum early dinner it was to be then. Not sure why though... there were plenty of spare tables while we were there.

So... now for the food.  We perused the menu. Not being overly super hungry, the boys settled each for a burger, and I chose the pulled pork.  We each chose a different side, to mix and match, at least then we could sample a few items.  Burger no. 1 was the fried chicken burger. A tad dry, not a whole lot of chicken and a bun that saw the sun a nanosecond too long. 

Not bad, but not noteworthy.  Burger no. 2 was a bit better. It was the double bacon burger, and looked meaty and moist. More bang for your buck on that one for sure.  My pulled pork was uber tasty, and came with a square of cornbread which unfortunately was a let down... dry and crumbly. All three dishes were served with the obligatory pickle which was a nice taste change. Sharp, salty and crunchy.

The sides we chose were coleslaw, fries and tater tots. Hands down the fries won. The tater tots were OK, but it was the sour cream and bacon crumbly bits on top that gave them much needed flavour. Tater tots = potato gems. I think that unless you cook them in pork fat, they are pretty bland on their own.

The dessert options numbered just two.  Ice cream (which our friend had) and 'pie of the day'.  We were expecting a deep dish apple pie, or a 'Twin Peaks' inspired cherry pie... but alas it was a cookies and cream cheesecake.  Cheesecake? T'was no pie.  Yes it was delicious, but in an over the top, sooooo creamy kind of way. The crumb base was nearly an inch thick at its thickest part.  Hubby and I shared a piece of the cheesecake. We should have had the ice cream.

All in all, we only sampled but a few dishes. I'll be back for sure, to try the other 'meat' options like ribs, wings and brisket.  Woden Smoque also does breakfast and their waffle dish descriptions are a hoot to read.  "Why yes please, I'll have The Fat Elvis"!!!!.  Good thing for me is that its just up the road from my workplace!


  1. I'd be happy with the pulled pork plate and the pickle. I'm not a fan of corn bread.

    1. Hiya Gary, I would have the pork again, hands down. I think my expectations for the cornbread were high, based on how good it looked when it came out.