Sunday, 11 January 2015

Hot Cross Buns

Well the lid has hardly closed on the Christmas decorations box, when loh and behold Hot Cross Buns have started to appear in the supermarkets.  I swear their appearance gets earlier each year. Next year, I dare say we'll see them appear on Boxing Day.

Well here was a chance to put my New Year's resolution of more home cooking to the test... and bake some myself.  Let me say they were pretty darn good. Even if I didn't have the patience to make up the crosses to bake on top.  The addition of chopped up dates to the dough was sensational, and they kind of oozed out when baked. Delicious.

One disturbing thing though... was one bun looked decidedly evil. The fruit placement was purely random, I swear!!

Meet Mr Evil bun:

The recipe I followed was off the Slow Cooker Central website, a site born from the Facebook group Slow Cooking Recipes 4 Families started by Pauline Christie. This FB page has nearly 300,000 members! I adapted the recipe for a regular oven, as I (nay, really my husband) didn't have the patience to wait for the slow cooker!!

Happy baking!
Kirsty xx

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