Sunday, 8 March 2015

Taylor's St Andrews Wine Dinner

Oh boy, another month, another wine dinner. Last month, my gal pals and I attended a wine dinner, and this month... we did it again!

This month was the Taylor's wine family who hosted their St Andrews Wine Dinner at the Hellenic Club in Woden. Such great value, costing just $80 each for 5 courses, and 6 wines no less. The food was superb, and you could definitely tell that planning and skill had been applied.

First course, or as a good friend once called them, was 'horses doovers'. We only got to sample one of the three on offer, but it was a grand tasty little morsel, washed down with a sparkling brut that was on the sweet side of dry, so I found it quite drinkable.

Second course was colourful and fresh, and a friend on FB commented it looked like the Very Hungry Caterpillar! Thin as thin layers of avocado encased a filling of seafood, dotted over with globes of cavier. Very light and decadent. Riesling was the wine of choice for this course, and it was a great pairing. Fruity and light, with just enough 'punch'.

Next up... the mystery wine. You are each poured a glass of wine, and a series of questions are asked. Those who guess correct stay in the game until a winner is whittled out. The three of us got the first question correct! 'was it red or white?'. Easy. The rest of the answers were just guesses, and we got knocked out pretty quick. The wine turned out to be an Australian, and a blend of 4 varieties no less! Oh well... onto the main....

Course three was the best beef I have ever tasted. Now that is a bold statement, but I stand by it.  A virtual meat log sat upright on the plate. It was a perfectly cooked eye fillet of Cape Grim Beef, sourced from the top of Tasmania. Just seared on the outside and perfectly pinky rare in the middle. It cut like butter with an ordinary knife and I savoured every. single. bite.  A St Andrews shiraz washed this down so well. The shiraz had real peppery flavours and was low in tannins, so it didn't overpower the lovely beef.

Course four was a cheese course. The last wine dinner we attended also had a cheese course before dessert. Its a little different for me. Some say its the 'European way'. Good thing was this course was pretty much a large cracker portioned with a dollop of soft brie and a piece fig. More a palate cleanser. A couple of Cabernet Sauvignon were served, which were a little too tannin-ey for me. Sorry to say that, considering one was $165 a bottle, but others seemed to really like it. I would have had more of that shiraz...!

Last course (phew, we did it!) was dessert. A triple chocolate affair that was a little on the bitter side. The fun bit was one waiter served, while the next poured warm chocolate over the cake. It made for a fun photograph, but I had to be quick to get the shot!

In wrapping up, a fun night, great food, a great atmosphere, and plenty of new flavours to experience.  Final note... I now know I like shiraz. 

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