Sunday, 19 April 2015

How to S-T-R-E-T-C-H your fruit and veg dollar further

At Woolworths the other night, they announced a special on fruit and vegetables that they were clearing out.  From the special trolley at the front of the store, fill a bag with all that you can, and only pay $3 for the whole bag. Yep $3. 

I must admit the fruit and veg was not premium, BUT there were still some good pieces. 

So, I filled a bag, and thought what could I make with all this, and not waste any? 
So I challenged myself, and so far here are the results. 

My bag consisted of: 

... and here's what I used each piece for: 

A single zucchini, which was sliced, steamed in the microwave and eaten as a side with dinner on the first night. 

Nice large mushrooms, half of which were cut up raw and eaten in daily salads that I took to work, and the remainder made their way into a homemade chicken stock. 

Well, these were just eaten as general grab and go fruit. 

For the tomatoes, I adapted a slow roasted tomato recipe by Liz Posmyk. I sprinkled the tomatoes with a mixture of smoked garlic and Himalayan Rock Salt, and cooked the tomatoes for about an hour and a half. I had some for Sunday lunch (with the avocado), and the rest will be eaten this week in salads and in a creamy pasta dish one night for dinner. The tomatoes turned out beautifully soft, and full of flavour from the garlic and the salt. 

Half of the avocado made it into daily salads, and the remaining half was used for a light Sunday lunch. It was sliced up on an open faced toasted sandwich, with some of the semi oven dried tomatoes, and some ranch dressing drizzled over. 

I couldn't resist having limes in the house, that I used one to make a vodka lime and tonic drink on the first night. The remainder are still to be used, but I envisage freezing their juice and zest to be used in upcoming cakes (and maybe more vodka based drinks!). 

One lemon so far was used in a roast chicken dinner. I used it as part of a marinade for the butterflied chicken, which consisted of lemon, roasted garlic, garlic olive oil, regular olive oil, Moroccan seasoning and sumac. The rest of the lemons might join their limey citrus cousins in the freezer, to be used for future dishes. 

This packet of baby garlic was used several ways.  They were roasted in the oven, which made them creamy and sweet.  I added a few with a roasted butternut pumpkin and made soup, some made their way into the roast chicken marinade, and the remainder added punch to homemade chicken stock. 

The bananas were lovingly shared with hubby over a couple of breakfasts, and were sliced into cereal. 

So, what would you have made with these same pieces?