Thursday, 28 May 2015


We've just come back from a few glorious, sun-shiny filled days in Toowoomba and Brisbane to visit family.  A far change to the minus 6 degrees in soon-to-be-winter Canberra. 

A trip to Toowoomba wouldn't be a trip without lunching at the one and only Sizzler. My parents-in-law are staunch regulars and have their routine down pat. Firstly the cheese toast, then fresh rolls and soup, next salad bar with all the fixin's (maybe a trip or two) followed by dessert (again, maybe a trip or two) and coffee. Its a lovely ritual and nice to see them settle in and joke with the staff. 

So away we, my parents-in-law, and a few of their friends all went for lunch. Our waiter was friendly, polite and attentive. After he seated us, he whisked away and returned with the obligatory cheese toast... mmmmm cheese toast is divine, and all that I remembered from the last Sizzler trip. Crunchy on the top, cheesy, warm, and soft on the underside. You can ask for more if you desire. We all ordered the endless salad bar. You can order a main dish, or sides, or smaller meals with or without the salad bar, so there are choices that suit all appetites. 

Next stop for me on the lunch express was soup. Choices were laksa, pea and ham, and pumpkin. I chose the laksa, which was vibrant, tasty and had just a little spike of heat. That and an entree-sized wholegrain roll and I was happy. 

Onwards to the salad bar.  So. Many. Choices. There are all manner of different salads, a nachos bar, hot pasta and sauce bar, caesar salad making station, and a fruit and yoghurt section. I tried a little of this, and a little of that. Some new salads (pulled pork and cabbage slaw, chorizo pasta salad), some all time favourites (tuna pasta salad), a scoop of hot potato bake and a couple of crispy potato skins did me. Its great to see everyones selections and combinations when you all sit down.

Dessert. Now it is customary to use the small fluted topped dessert bowls. I would guess they hold about 1.25 cups? Not my father-in-law. He goes for a soup bowl, which is nice and deep, and holds about 3 serves of dessert in the one go. There's something to be said for years of wisdom (and years of being a Sizzler regular).  Dessert choices include hot items like the apple crumble and bread and butter pudding (plus custard of course!), and cold offerings like pavlova, panna cotta shots, chocolate mousse, and jelly cups. There is also chocolate and vanilla soft serve complete with toppings like mini marshmallows, smarties, sprinkles and jellybeans. A little something something for little kids, and big kids... and kids at heart. I gave the apple crumble and custard a crack, followed by a panna cotta shot. Delish.  A cup of Dilmah tea washed it down quite nicely.

All up, Sizzler is a great restaurant. Family friendly, lots of space, and clean. The staff regularly go around and check the temperature of the food items, and mark their sheet off accordingly. A bowl of food was removed when we were there, because a little girl put her hand in it. Yep, they are quick and there is someone watching the food all the time.

We used to have a couple of Sizzler Restaurants in Canberra, but they closed down years ago which is a shame. Sizzler offers a family friendly, and budget friendly dining alternative where you serve yourself exactly what you want, its clean and efficient, and value for money. 

Cost:  (Adult) $17.95 endless salad bar, plus $3.95 for endless beverages, total $21.90

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  1. Sizzler.... YES!!! So many fond memories of visiting Sizzler as a kid. I remember loving the spaghetti mince and the unlimited supply of ice cream. Wish it was still a thing in the Berra. :)