Saturday, 6 June 2015

Belluci's - Woden

So we were deciding where to go out to dinner on a Saturday night in Canberra. The criteria... it has to be vegetarian friendly, not too far away, good selections on the menu and reasonably priced. Belluci's in Woden fit the bill. We rang and were told they could fit the five of us in at 5.30pm, as long as we were done by 7.30pm. Suited us fine, as we were planning on dinner at 6pm anyway. Glad that they could accommodate us with such a late booking on a Saturday night. 

While we were there, a couple of tables turned over to the next lot of diners. The restaurant soon got busy. But the busier it gets the louder it gets. So glad to have gotten in so early, as conversation toward the end was a little tricky across out round table. 

A CBR Braves ice hockey match was on tonight across the road, so there were a few eaters coming in after the game had finished. (Oh, and by the way, the CBR Braves won against the Sydney Ice Dogs, 4-1. Smashing success, this the second year of the CBR Brave team's existence).

Now to the food!  The menu was broad with lots of choices... that is until the specials were announced to us by the lovely waitress. Damn you awesome sounding specials!!! There were two that sounded quite delicious and made me rethink my choices. 

We started with a single serve of the focaccia. We went for half garlic and rosemary, and half sun-dried tomato and pesto. 3 pieces of each were served, which was plenty to start the meal with. Pictured here was the last remaining piece. I was so hungry I dove in without first taking a photo! 

For the main, I chose from the specials menu. It was a chicken breast, with prawns, sun-dried tomato , cashews and a lovely full flavoured sauce.  We were told this dish used to be on the main menu years ago, but was removed. There was so much negative feedback from the regulars that it has been on the 'special's list constantly for the last 8 years!  I wonder why they just don't put it back on the menu? I paired this with a Gaelic Cemetery 'Celtic Farm' 2014 Clare Valley Riesling. Both were simply delicious. 

Others chose the Belluci's Special pizza... always a crowd pleaser, one supreme pizza (pictured), one vegetarian gnocchi dish, and a duck pizza from the specials menu. We couldn't decide whether the duck pizza was served with sour cream on top, or was it crème fraiche? 

Tempted by the dessert menu, our selections were... Bombe Alaska, three serves of the black forest dessert, and one tiramisu. I had the Bombe Alaska which was spectacularly lit upon arrival! I snapped off a couple of pics before having to blow out they dying flame. It was a decadent dessert, and the Italian meringue was as soft as soft and had delicious crunchy peaks on the outside (that is apart from the charred top!). A long black coffee was just the right drink to cut through the sweetness of this dessert. 

The bill averaged out to only $53 a head which I think is great value for money. Each of us shared in the focaccia, each had a main and dessert, and the drinks totaled 2 glasses of wine, 1 beer, 1 juice, 1 soft drink, 2 coffees and 1 tea. Not bad at all.


  1. I was at the CBR game, it was EPIC!!! We were a shivering mess by the time we left, totes didn't think to try here for a feed tho, thanks for the reminder. That chicken breast looks divine!

    1. Nice one Anna! I was the first ever Braves game, that being my first ever ice hockey game, and it went OFF! Couldn't believe how much biffo there was, and the sin-bin bench was never empty. Haven't the Braves done well! As for that chicken... I'd have that again in a heart beat, but I might add some mash on the side, just to round it out.

  2. I need to pick my chin up....that bombe alaska!!!!! Kudos to you for eating it all...I think I'd give it a good nudge too - my fav!! Jan x

    1. Haha! my eyes were definitely bigger than mah belly. Next time, I'll share it for sure! but it was so pillowy soft! Mmmmm