Saturday, 11 July 2015

Coffee and Chocolate, together at last!

The inaugural Canberra Indulge Coffee and Chocolate Expo was held today, and it was a great chance to escape a wintry, wet, cold Canberra Saturday. 

I was super lucky to score free tickets to this event thanks to the lovely folk at Mr Scroll. They make all manner of flavoured pastry scrolls, fudges and brittles, plus they run a stall at the Bus Depot Markets held on Sundays. 

A variety of vendors were at this event, from chocolatiers, a cold pressed coffee seller, rocky road makers, coffee vendors, pastry marvels, biscuit sellers, cake-in-a-jar peeps, and sweet-treaters to name but a few. 

Held in the downstairs section of the Bus Depot Markets building in Kingston meant there was plenty of room to move about. They even had a live band playing! 

Here is a bunch of photos to get your blood sugar racing...


Australian grown cocoa, from the Daintree region:

...and the cheeky lads from It's A Sweet Life, having fun with power tools (is that a heat gun??) and chocolate. 


  1. This looks like a great day! So much chocolatey goodness :)

    1. Twas sooo yummy. We chose our treats wisely. We couldn't fit it all in :)

  2. Darn. Sorry I missed this one... we were overseas.