Saturday, 8 August 2015

Beef Fajitas

My boss owns a small property, on which he had (I stress the word 'had', noting this blog post title...) two cows. A small herd, but fiesty, and problematic. He would tell us of tales of them eating through the electrical wiring covers of the dam pump... of escaping time and time again through electric fences into neighbouring properties, and of generally causing grief as they just wouldn't behave. 

So, he had enough, and decided to reduce his herd from 2.... to zero. 

That's where we, his colleagues, benefited. He was selling off the excess meat for the exceptional price of $10 a kilo, which is extremely good value.  I bought one of the 10 kilo packages, which included:

  • A large Topside beef roast (so big, we cut it into two)
  • Chuck steaks
  • Topside steaks
  • Beef mince
  • Beef ribs
  • Blade steaks
  • Diced beef pieces and
  • Home spiced sausages

When I got the huge packet of meat home, I set about portioning each cut into smaller amounts, and wrapped and labelled them for a date with my freezer. Glad that my vegetarian step-daughter was not at home that night, as the kitchen looked like an abattoir !! Here are the cuts, ready for the freezer. 

Tonight I defrosted one of the topside steaks, and turned it into amazing beef fajitas. 

I sprinkled the meat with a tasty spice rub from Costco, that had just a little kick of chilli which was a great addition. 

An easy, throw it together, pile it on yourself dinner. Perfect for a quiet night in, or a casual option for feeding a large group.  

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