Sunday, 9 August 2015

Blood Orange Curd

Move over lemon curd (as tasty as you are)... there's a new player in town.

Blood. Orange. Curd.

And its wonderful. 

Redbelly brand blood oranges

We have been buying citrus week in, week out for... well, weeks. No chance of scurvy in this household! Of late we've dabbled in blood oranges as well, and are gobsmacked by the beautiful colour of their flesh, and their juice. These are Redbelly blood oranges, grown near Griffith, New South Wales. I picked up a little $20 citrus juicer to make the job of juicing easier, and its awesome to juice a blood orange, as the crimson colour virtually erupts into the juicer. Its almost the colour of beetroot! And the taste... sweet, with just a little hint of tart. Oh so moreish.

Picture of cut blood oranges next to pile of orange zest

Picture of citrus juicer next to glass of blood orange juice

But I digress. This post is about Blood Orange Curd. A recipe I wanted to try with my haul of bloods. I searched the repository of all things foodee (ie Google) and came across a recipe by Marisa McClellan on her blog Food In Jars. (Click her blog link to view the recipe.) It was a perfect recipe, with not too many ingredients, and it wasn't too complicated. Let me say I'm not a jam maker, and I haven't got many stove-top custards under my belt (in, yes) so I was a little apprehensive about making this curd.

Bowl with whisk

I shouldn't have doubted myself. It was easy, and after a few minutes of stirring in my glass bowl over a small saucepan of water, the magic happened and the mixture thickened up. I'm not sure of exactly the moment when it coated the back of the spoon, but it did happen.

Jars of cooked blood orange curd

I have visions of dolloping this curd in vanilla yogurt for breakfast... smearing it over pikelets, or just having it on a toasted English muffin. 

If it lasts that long! 


  1. yum yum i love blood oranges and i love curd. yippee:) would be great in yoghurt.

    1. It is sooo good Sherry that I am rationing it. I have about half a jar left :( Oh well, maybe I need to make some more! enjoy the bloods while you can.