Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Have one of those conversations

Hi there.

I've not blogged for a while, and not had much interest in the foodie side of life of late. 
Why? Well my husband is about to undergo heart surgery, and the recent focus has been on him and the lead up to this day.

What was diagnosed as a possible heart murmur by his GP several weeks ago started this journey which has involved:

  • x-rays
  • an ultrasound
  • a CT scan
  • meeting a cardiologist
  • undertaking an angiogram, and 
  • finally having a chat with a lovely cardiothorasic surgeon. 

Even though his surgery is pretty straightforward and low risk, it has promoted us to have one of 'those' conversations. 
You know the ones, the conversations that are difficult to get through, and hard to be serious about.

(Photo credit: http://7-themes.com/data_images/out/67/7000746-red-heart-tree.jpg) 

You should always know the following about your loved ones...

... are they willing to be an organ donor? are there any organs/tissues that they would not want to donate?

... do they have a will? 

... do they have an enduring power of attorney? ie have they nominated someone to make decisions for them, should they become incapacitated? 

... if the worst was to happen, would they want to be buried, or cremated? Do they want their ashes scattered anywhere special? Do they want a plaque? if so, what would it read? 

... do they want a service? what are their favourite songs? flowers? colour? 

... do you know their passwords to access their many electronic devices? (and we are all quite likely to have multiple devices)

... do you know their Facebook password? 

... do you have a list of their close family's phone numbers and email addresses?

Here are some useful links, to get you thinking about the 'what if's?' that life may throw your way. Its always better to be prepared.

End of life information
Funeral Directors
Lifeline Australia
Memorialising a Facebook account
Organ Donor Register
Power of Attorney
What is a Will?

Take a moment. Tell your loved ones you love them today, and have one of 'those' conversations.. 


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