Sunday, 29 November 2015

Photo trip to the Zoo

For a while now I have toyed with the idea of enrolling in a photography course. I have moved beyond the 'pre programmed' settings on my digital SLR Canon and into the realms of shutter priority mode, and aperture priority mode, but I was somewhat hesitant to move to the full manual mode. It seemed so complicated! How fast should the shutter be? What is the best aperture? and How the heck does ISO come into the picture (so to speak). 

Well I did it. I took the plunge. I enrolled in an 8 week photography course with the Canberra School of Photography, run by Irene Lorbergs.  The location of this course is very handy, as the classroom is based in Phillip, just a stones throw away from my work place. Plus the course offers evening classes, so fits in with my schedule. 

So far, I have 3 of the 8 sessions under my belt, and seem to be getting a better handle on my camera, its settings and I think... I am already taking better shots. So far, we have had two classroom based lessons, and the third lesson was at the National Capital Zoo and Aquarium. The '8 session course' students, plus a day class of students met at the zoo, and under the guidance of Irene we focused on aperture settings and ISO, which allowed the camera to select the best shutter speed. We photographed a variety of animals, everything from furry to feathered, and from reptilian to aquatic. There were also a number of small 'two legged' creatures roaming the zoo that day, by that I mean children, who seemed to be having a great day, just like us. 

Here are my most prized shots from the day: 

A female white lion, just after she had her breakfast - F5.6 1/320sec ISO200
One of the playful, cheeky otters - F5.6 1/250sec ISO800
Fish for breakfast for this otter, nom nom nom - F5.6 1/500sec ISO800
Penguin with sand in the background - F5.6 1/2500sec ISO200
A Meerkat, very much on sentry duty - F5.6 1/500sec ISO200
Two Meerkats on sentry duty - F5.6 1/1000sec ISO200
A gloriously vibrant coloured peacock - F5.6 1/640sec ISO800
Birthday party children, feeding the emu - F8.0 1/250sec ISO200
Arms at the ready - F8.0 1/500sec ISO200
Some children seemed more apprehensive than the others about feeding the emu - F8.0 1/200sec ISO200
The emu - F5.6 1/160sec ISO400
A blue groper - F5.0 1/30sec ISO1600
A very photogenic lizard - F5.0 1/50sec ISO3200


  1. Wow, I bow in your general direction! You have a career in photography if you want it. You capture things very well.

    1. So kind of you to say, thank you Maureen :)