Thursday, 31 December 2015

New Year's Resolutions

New Year’s Resolutions

I know, I know. New Year’s resolutions are those flighty, lofty, well meaning, seldom kept, do good things that we saaaaay we’re going to follow through with… but often don’t.  Most of the time they are very grand goals, but we lack the strict motivation to follow them through. Plus we don’t seem to beat ourselves up about not keeping them, so there is no sting in the tail. 

So… here are a few goals that I am going to set myself, that I just might be able to follow through with. I’m going to keep them simple… attainable… and fun. So in no particular order, (drum roll please) they are:

Washing the dishes before going to bed each night. 
I know this sounds simple, but who hasn’t had a big day/night of cooking up a storm and thought, ‘pfffft… I’ll do the dishes tomorrow’. Well no more for me. I might just get my zen on from doing this, and who knows, I might sleep better? Case in point. I started this tonight, on New Year’s Eve. Go me.

Efficient travels in the house.
What do I mean by this? When moving from room to room in the house, I plan to take something with me that belongs in another room. Rather than all those solo trips picking up bits and pieces to store them elsewhere, I’ll be more efficient. Heading downstairs? Take some garbage with me to put out. Things like that.

Make my lunch more often.
Too often I rush out of the house each day heading to work and think ‘I haven’t got time to make a nice lunch’ so I end up buying something. I know it is nice to frequent local, often family run cafe businesses, but it is costing me a small fortune. I will though treat myself to a bought coffee every now and then, but that’s about it. Maybe a muffin too, but that’s the limit.

Take more photos…. with purpose.
I take a bunch of photos now. You may have seen them plastered on Facebook and Twitter, but I vow to think about photos more rather than just snap away. I will slow down a bit, take it all in, compose, think, plan… and then snap. I know I will have the voice of my photography teacher Irene in my head saying wise things like “see the light”, and “bump up your ISO”. Thank you Irene.

Write more.
I don’t write as often as I would like. Work and life seem to get in the way. So does internet time, television time, pat the cat time and dawdle time.  Time to create writing time.

Be creative.
This year, I vow to be more creative. Put my energies into fun things. Use my noodle. Be more kid like. Enjoy colours. Enjoy life. Create.

So reader, what are your New Year’s resolutions for 2016? Have you made any? Do you think you will see them through? 


  1. I love the efficient travels in the house resolution:)

  2. Efficient travels in the house = yes! Do you know how many times I have told myself to remove that one thing from the bedroom to take to the living room and it sits there for a week with me telling myself everyday? I am glad someone else feels the pain!

    1. So nice to meet a kindred spirit in you Pamela :) I have been following this mantra for two weeks now and so far its working well. On the plus side, I am feeling a little more zen each time I do it. All the best with your 'travels'. K

  3. These are such lovely new year resolutions. They are resolutions I can relate too.... especially about writing more!

    1. Thanks Rose! I have been following several of these so far, and they are now routine which is great.