Sunday, 6 March 2016

Chicken Pizza Scrolls

What is not to like about a savoury scroll, just screaming (well, asking assertively) to be included in upcoming work day lunches.

This delightful scroll is filled with cooked chicken pieces, pizza essence, and packs a punch on the flavour scale.

The dough recipe is super easy, I suppose that’s why it can be found in the Super Food Ideas (SFI) magazine, the Jan-Feb 2016 issue. The article I found this recipe in is aimed at back to school and back to work ideas. Lunch ideas for young and old.

Many a variation can be made on this basic dough recipe, so put your thinking caps on.  To assist you, how about ham and pineapple? Chicken and pesto? Cheese and Vegemite? These scrolls used up some leftover chicken breast, and a couple of other ingredients knocking about in the fridge and pantry. 

2 cups (325g) self-raising flour
80g cold butter, cubed
20g caster sugar
2/3 cup (167ml) milk
250g cooked cubed chicken breast
Sprinkle of dried oregano
1 sachet tomato paste
Squirt of tomato sauce
6-8 pieces of sundried tomato, chopped
6 pieces of chargrilled capsicum, chopped
50g grated cheese

  1. Turn oven on to 160 degrees (fan forced).
  2. In a food processor, blitz the flour, butter and sugar until it resembles breadcrumbs.
  3. Tip mix into a bowl and add the milk. Bring together into a soft dough.
  4. Knead the dough on countertop for a minute or so.
  5. Roll out to approximately 30cm x 40cm
  6. Spread the dough with a blend of the tomato paste and tomato sauce.
  7. Top with chopped chicken, sundried tomato pieces, chargrilled capsicum pieces, oregano and half of the grated cheese.
  8. Begin rolling up the dough from the long side. Once rolled up, with seam down, cut into one inch pieces, and place cut side up into greased cupcake holes in cupcake pan. Sprinkle over the remaining cheese. 
  9. Bake for 12-15 minutes or until browned to your liking. 
The total cost for this batch of 12 scrolls was just over $6. Less if you kept it to less ingredients like just ham and pineapple. (Possibly a contender for Ms Frugal Ears $5 Friday challenge?) A great little recipe to keep on hand when the crowds arrive, or if a work morning tea is on the cards.

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