Sunday, 5 June 2016

Leave It Up To Dave at Pistachio Dining

I've had yet another great dinner at Pistachio Dining, found tucked away at the Torrens shops. The ‘Leave it up to Dave’ dining option is the only one we select now. Not that their menu (read, their new Winter menu) isn’t full of tasty options, but not knowing what each dish will be is quite exciting!

Red wine braised lamb shank soup with vegetables and white beans. A delicious winter warmer starter.

Scallops with seared spring onions and pureed avocado.

Slow cooked lamb shoulder, soft polenta, asparagus and herb sauce.

Confit pork belly, Toulouse sausage, cabbage and seeded mustard mix, potato crisps, beetroot jus and parsnip puree. The beetroot jus was made by slow roasting red and white onion, and beetroot. Then further reducing. It must have taken Dave hours, but the result was amazing.

Pepper steak, with grilled onion and hand cut salty crunchy chips.

A dessert tasting plate… each.  Consisting of:
Vanilla brulee and almond & pistachio biscotti.
Chocolate and hazelnut blondie with dark chocolate mousse, Kahlua sauce and raspberries.
Cookies and crème mousse, macerated strawberries, vanilla ice cream, dried flowers and chocolate crumble, and
Lemon and lime curd tart, mascarpone, and ginger beer sorbet.

Dave spoiled us, by slipping in another course. Technically his ‘just feed me’ option is meant to be four courses, plus a starter. Dinner and couple of drinks was incredible value, as I used my Entertainment Book discount for a 25% saving. Total cost; only $54 each. With only one transaction, the savings are half what the Entertainment Card cost. It will pay for itself in no time!

Pistachio Dining
3A Torrens Place, Torrens
Dinner; Tuesday to Saturday
Ph 6286 2966