Sunday, 22 January 2017

Pistachio Dining January 2017

Dave Keeley is the owner and chef at Pistachio Dining in Torrens. He’s adventurous with food, innovative, passionate, lovely to chat with, and he’s only in his 30s. He is European culinary trained, and has worked in iconic restaurants such as Aubergine, Courgette and Sabayon. 2017 will see a new direction for Dave at Pistachio, seeing him pair back a little on his offerings in order to let the fresh produce shine.

I introduced my bestie to Pistachio nearly two years ago, and it has been her regular eatery ever since. To the point she has been there nearly forty times!  I have joined her on several of these occasions and to this day, we have only ever ordered the “just feed me Dave” menu option. This consists of a canape, plus four courses for only $65.  Matching Canberra district wines is an option for only a further $20, which is stunning value. The anticipation of not knowing what you are going to be fed is exciting. Who doesn’t like a degustation menu anyway!  

Dave was being extra generous tonight (or maybe as we were frequent diners) as he squeezed in an extra course.

We started with the beetroot gazpacho soup, with cubed roasted beetroot, cucumber, school prawns and croutons.

Course one was the tender-as beef tenderloin with salsa verde and crispy potatoes.

Course two was a light and very summery offering of scallops, with part of a Peking Duck rice paper roll.

Course three presented chicken two ways; Szechuan crusted chicken, and a sous vide chicken breast flash pan fried to crisp up the skin, with spinach and a confit cherry tomato.

Course four (the sneaky extra course) was Dave’s pork tenderloin with garlic and shallots, French lentils, smoked potato puree and heirloom carrots.

Course five (aka the final course) is a tasting plate sampling four of the desserts. We received the lemon tart with black sesame meringue and mascarpone mousse / a chocolate macadamia brownie and vanilla ice cream / a large cube of hazelnut cheesecake with a crunchy topped jelly, and pistachio (of course!) biscotti / and finally a single folded vanilla crepe with vanilla ice cream.

PistachioDining is located at the Torrens Shops, and is open for Dinner only from Tuesday to Saturday. Ph 6286 2966.