Sunday, 30 April 2017

Frugal take on takeaway chips

We have a takeaway in the nearby suburb called “Billy Banks”. They are the quintessential local Aussie takeaway, with pizzas, burgers, fish, dim sims and chips the staple menu items.  

We first met them days after we moved into our new home, and made the mistake of ordering a burger each, plus chips. Whoooo-weeee, the burgers are LARGE and we were hard pressed making a dent in the pillow that was the chips. Mind you, it was a minimum order of chips, so great value of money for our $5.  

Times have moved on, we are much wiser in the burger department, but the serve of chips has not changed in size, nor in price. $5 still buys you a pillow of chips which is enough to feed a small army (well, at least half an under 7’s soccer team).

Our latest venture saw us split a burger, and again order the minimum chips. After we had had our fill of the chippies I swore I would turn the remaining chips into something tasty. To the internet I went to get inspired. I saw many a recipe for leftover mashed potato, and thought the chips (well, they are cooked potato) could lend themselves to that. Hence the ‘baked mashed potato cups’ were born.

I must have had around half the chips left, which still equated to a cardboard box full. Load that into a food processor and blitz until the chips are pleasantly crumbled.

Tip this into a bowl, and add in a heaped spoonful of flour, a level spoonful of garlic powder, quarter of a small white onion; chopped, a beaten egg, a handful of grated tasty cheese, about ½ cup milk, and 40g (or so) of melted butter. Mix this together, then spoon into a greased cupcake pan. I smoothed the tops of each cup and sprinkled a little more cheese on top.  Cook them for 30 minutes, or until tops are golden brown, in a 170 degree fan forced oven.

I would say that next time I make these I would add in a little more liquid, probably in the form of more butter and milk, to make them a little more indulgent. But having said that, they were darn tasty, easy to whip up, and certainly made the most of our takeaway chips. I really hate to waste food so was quite happy with how these turned out.

Tell me reader, what tips do you have for re-purposing leftover food?