Monday, 18 September 2017

World's Greatest Vanilla Slice

While researching the itinerary for our recent Tasmanian trip, I came across the small town of Ross in Tasmania, which is just south of Launceston.  What alerted me to this town was their bakery’s claim to fame of having the World’s Greatest Vanilla Slice. Now that alone meant it HAD to be included in our travels as hubby and I love a good vanilla slice, and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to try the World’s Greatest!

Talk about good planning, as we arrived only days after the bakery had reopened after their winter break.

So before I get to the vanilla slice… I finally now know the OTHER reason why so many tourists, in particular Japanese tourists, flock to this bakery.  Did you know… there is a tiny room upstairs that has been made to resemble a room from a famous Japanese anime film? A 1989 anime film titled “Kiki’s Delivery Service”, which is an adaptation of a book with the same name, features a young girl witch named Kiki who lives above a bakery. The Ross Village Bakery decided to decorate an upstairs loft room to look like the one Kiki used in the movie. Hundreds of anime fans flock to see the little room, the bakery, and leave messages in the guest book. It’s somewhat of a pilgrimage. Little did we know ANY of this before we went to the bakery… but it might explain the three young Japanese girls sharing the downstairs cafĂ© room and log fire with us. They were busy on their phones… we were busy eating vanilla slice. (Read more from this ABC news article). 

Now for the low down on the vanilla slice.

First up, it was terrific. 

It was a large serving so we decided to have it cut in two. It was cut skilfully by the bakery staff on the diagonal, and none of the filling spilled out in the cutting action. I think they’ve probably done that a few times before.

The pastry was beautifully cooked and was crunchy. Not too thick, but enough to hold the filling in its place.

The top was dusted in icing sugar. Not enough to inhale and get “icing sugar throat” (true, it’s a thing!) but enough to give it a pleasant dusting.

The custard filling was not overly sweet (as some can be), and was pillowy soft and yielding to the fork. The taste was of prominent vanilla, but was not overwhelming. It was beautifully rich, and not at all gluggy or gelatine-y. 

We’d rate it right up there as far as good vanilla slices go, but can’t attest to it being the World’s Greatest, simply because we’ve not tried them all!!!

Tell me reader, what makes a good vanilla slice?

Are you on the custard/pastry team? Or of the vanilla pudding/lattice biscuit persuasion? 


  1. We are totally putting this town on our Tasmania itinerary - we have a household full of vanilla slice and Ghibli movie fans ��

    1. Excellent! Safe travels and have lots of fun!

  2. Oh, that looks simply fabulous. I hadn't heard of that anime film. Smart thinking by the bakery owners.