Saturday, 30 August 2014

Black Garlic

Black garlic you say?
Before today, I thought I knew garlic, but today at the Capital Region Farmer's Markets at EPIC I came across two very interesting types, smoked garlic and black garlic.
Black garlic is indeed black in colour and yes, it is still garlic.  It is fermented, which means it is kept at a certain temperature, humidity and for a certain amount of time. 

I sampled some. It was kind of gelatinous in texture, something akin to a quince paste in feel, BUT it still had a garlicky tang. 
I chatted today with John Pye from the Ingelara biodynamic farm in Michelago, who makes this product which they call 'Bredbo Black'. There are only two producers of black garlic in Australia, this Michelago farm, and one other farm in the Huon Valley in Tasmania, run by the Christie family.
How it is used? On a cracker accompanied with a wedge of cheese, or in a sauce, or with slow roasted meats.  Some chef's are even experimenting with using it in desserts!!

Anyone for black garlic sorbet or ice cream?


  1. Hi Kristy, interesting to hear about the black garlic, I’ve tried the smoked garlic which is particularly nice with things like smoked paprika and chorizo - I got mine at the Northside Markets at UCan, possibly from the same people as stallholders often seem to go to all the markets...

    1. I saw the smoked garlic at the markets as well, but had already picked up too many goodies. Will be back for that one another time. Thanks for letting me know how you use it. It smelled wonderful.