Sunday, 26 October 2014


First there was my 'nod' to coconut, now today is a mango day.  

Firstly it started with my stepson, who brought over a 6 pack of Mango beer.  Mango beer!?! I had never heard of it!  He asked if I wanted one, to which I said yes, then I planned Sunday night's dinner around it!

So... what to have for dinner?
I wanted something a little spicy, full of flavour, and easy peasy to do. 

The solution?  Mango curry marinated whole chicken, and roasted vegetables.

I bought a whole raw chicken from my mate Marcus at M & K Meats at the Lanyon Marketplace. He even butterflied it for me, right there on the spot. Took him all of about 20 seconds. He's good like that.

Next, the spices.  I think I got out half of my spice jar collection, and started eyeballing amounts into a large bowl.  A dash more turmeric for colour... a shake more of chilli for some heat, and a whole lot of everything else.  Next, I blitzed up some frozen chunks of mango flesh... some olive oil.... some lemon juice... and the spice mix. A lush aromatic thick marinade was created to which I bathed the butterflied chicken. Popped it into the fridge for the next 8 hours.

Nearing dinner time, all I had to do was prep a few vegetables (potato, onions, sweet potato, red capsicum and broccoli) and let the oven do all the work.  60 minutes later and dinner was ready. As I wanted, easy peasy.

Now for the mango beer... It was delicious!

It tasted like a combination of a 'west coast cooler' but with mango flavour, and was matched with the 'beeriness' of the beer. It went down a treat. I can well imagine this beer at a summer evening BBQ. I must look out for it.

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