Saturday, 31 January 2015

Kingsland Vegan Restaurant

Question: So, where is a great restaurant in Canberra that has a wide selection of dishes to suit a vegetarian? 
Answer:  A vegan restaurant!

So tonight, we went to Kingsland, a vegan restaurant in the heart of Dickson.

Our vegetarian daughter proclaimed "I can eat everything!!". And so the decisions began of what to try on this, our first visit.

A couple of entrees to whet our appetites. We chose two to try a couple of flavours. We had the crispy wontons (6 in a serve) which were crispy, crunchy, light and flavoursome.

We also got a serve (3 in a serve) of the sweet potato cakes which were studded with peanuts and deep fried. Thin, nutty and served with a sweet honey sauce. What a great way to begin.

Next we chose three mains.
Tofu hot pot, which came out steaming nestled inside a black clay pot. 

Our second main was a 'duck' dish (all the 'meats' are mock meat).  Roast duck, which was presented beautifully and had a wonderful texture and flavour.

Our third main was sweet and sour pork. Now this was my favourite! Sweet flavour, just the right amount of sour tang, juicy pineapple pieces in the mix, and crunchy capsicum.

The final course was dessert, and yes we indulged. 
Banana Nirvana - mine was with vanilla ice cream, topped with pure maple syrup (pictured). Our daughter got the same dish, but with chocolate ice cream and chocolate topping.

Hubby tried the sago pudding, which came dotted with red beans. Light, creamy and the beans really enhanced the flavour.

All up, the cost was really really reasonable. $80 was our total. Now that covered 2 entrees, 3 mains, 3 serves of plain rice, 3 desserts, tea and 2 soft drinks. Not bad at all for dinner out for 3 adults. 

Kingsland Vegan Restaurant, 5/28 Challis Street Dickson.
Ph 6262 9350
Lunch - Wed-Sat; 12pm - 2.30pm
Dinner - Tue-Sun; 5pm - 10pm

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