Sunday, 17 May 2015

Inaugural Canberra Antiques & Vintage Fair

So into the world of antiques, and vintage goodies we dived on Saturday, at the inaugural Canberra Antiques & Vintage Fair. This event was held at the Canberra Southern Cross Club's Woden venue, 15-17 May 2015. 

Don't get me wrong, we really don't know much about antiques at all, but love these types of events simply to look at the range of goods on offer. There was a wide variety of goods, some that really made you stop and go.. whoa! For instance, there was a stall with two big cat pelts... one a tiger from the 1940's and the other a lion from the 1930's. Items that today seem so immoral and cruel, I hesitated to ask any further questions of the seller. I needed to take pictures of them, but felt bad in doing so. I paused in front of the lion, admiring his magnificent features, when a lady came up beside me. We both just looked at this stunning creature, when she reached out and gently stroked his fur. She said this would probably be the closest she would ever get a lion. A poignant moment indeed.

Anyhoo, onto other items. Like this decorative glass piece. I was told it was a epergne, used primarily on its own as a centrepiece for a table, or sometimes filled with small flowers. Such craftmanship, and such a lovely shade of cranberry. 

I spied this little pair of shoes, that would have only been about 4 inches long each. Upon picking one up it was so heavy!! pure metal, and exquisitely designed. The stallholder just loved them, and thought there was just something special about them. They were just darling, and actually quite reasonably priced! Kicking myself now I didn't buy them... 

So many wonderful things to photograph, but I did ask each time I wanted to take snaps. Some of the stallholders, especially those selling vintage jewellery said 'no' to any photos, and I respected that. They often noted that insurance was mainly the reason, but thanked me for asking first. 

One lovely set of china really caught my eye, as it was a miniature set of colourful plates, teacups and teapots. You really can't see the scale of these pieces, but there were really quite small. Tea party sized, but lovely to look at, and we were told quite rare to find an entire set of this brand, Royal Worcester, intact... hence the $9,500 price tag. 

Entry was $12 for adults, and $10 for pensioners. There were a few people when we were there on the Saturday afternoon. Afterwards, we indulged in a little afternoon tea at the bistro. 

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