Monday, 11 May 2015

Lodge Cast Iron Skillet

Looking back... I so wish I kept my dad's cast iron skillets. They were smooth, loved and heavy. Well used and full of memories. He used them almost daily.. there were always eggs in a basket on the kitchen shelf, and bacon in the fridge. Its the simple things you wish you did at the time, instead of years later, looking back and having that small pang of heart, and wishing you did things differently. Sigh... 

Now, years later, I found myself buying a lovely cast iron skillet, much the same design as dads.  This one is a small Lodge brand skillet, and its just the perfect size. Big enough to do a couple of steaks in, or a small pan fried supper.  

Tonight I christened it with a juicy porterhouse steak, cooked in lashings of butter and garlic, and finished off in the oven.  How nice was this steak! So juicy, cooked perfectly on the inside, and with just enough of a smattering of charred crunchy bits on the outside. 

Paired with a wonderful St Hallett's Gamekeeper shiraz, that was on the smooooth side of yesterday, fresh beans, potato bake and a couple of rounds of garlic bread. What a awesome autumnal supper. 

Hats off to you dad. You'll be in my heart forever.