Saturday, 3 October 2015

In My Kitchen - October 2015

Greetings to the 'In My Kitchen' family who hail from all corners of the globe! I haven't done an IMK post for what seems like ages, due mainly to hubby recently undergoing surgery. My love of all things food, cooking, books, blogging and gadgets has taken somewhat of a back seat. But, its great to say he is on the mend, and my mojo is slowly returning. 

So In My Kitchen... there has been experimental baking, using an unusual ingredient. Aquafaba.  
Um... what did I say? Aquafaba. Aqua = water, and faba = bean. Bean water, the stuff usually discarded from a can of chick peas! If you whip it in a stand mixer (or a hand mixer) it Will. Become. Meringue. and can be manipulated and cooked exactly the same as egg meringue.

I was also lucky enough to receive a box of fresh Australian Asparagus from the lovely Vicki Leng of the Australian Asparagus Council. This lovely produce was turned into a variety of dishes, including....

A puff pastry tart (made in my favourite tin which perfectly fits one ready made pastry square)... and

Crunchy, salty morsels, wrapped in serrano ham.

In My Kitchen... was a deliciously different roast beef dish. Roast Beef Stroganoff and it was, in my humble opinion, an absolute show stopper. A 'go to' dish for sure when throwing a nice dinner party. The trick was oiling and rubbing the beef in sweet paprika first, as shown here...

In My (outdoor) Kitchen... is an ever expanding array of spring plantings. Mainly seedlings, but I'm trying my hand at growing a few veg from seed this year, so keep your fingers crossed for me! Here is some wonderful passionfruit, that have already started entwining themselves on their rebar support frame. 

In My Kitchen is a banana and chocolate loaf, made with banana, eggs, baking soda, almond meal, maple syrup and coconut flour. I so love coconut, and the coconut flour gives this bake a wonderful new dimension. 

And finally, In My City of Canberra is the wonderful Floriade. This year's theme is Reflections, a 100 year tribute to the Anzac landing at Gallipoli.

So, what's been going on in your kitchen this month? 
Feel free to drop me a comment, I would love to hear from you! :) 

The IMK series is founded by the lovely Celia, of Fig Jam and Lime Cordial blog fame. Pop over to her site to see other IMK posts, and maybe create one of your own :)  
Cheers, Kirsty