Sunday, 28 May 2017

Swine and Wine

Head Chef and owner of Pistachio Dining, Dave Keeley tells us it has been a few years since they have held an event such as this; a degustation menu paired with local wines. Saturday night saw Dave host a five course event utilising ‘nose to tail’ of a pig, paired with Long Rail Gully wines. It was titled the “Swine & Wine” event.

The restaurant was packed, and the bookings were all made within a week of Dave posting this event on social media and on his website. He and the staff were very excited to present the event, and we as customers were only too eager to receive. (One of Dave's staffers drew this picture of the pig, isn't it great!)

The canape starter was pig trotter and potato ballontine with black truffle oil, smoked bacon, crispy sage, crouton and dehydrated crackle.
Wine:  Long Rail Gully 2016 Riesling – light citrus and fresh

First course was a croquette made from the flesh of the pig’s head, celeriac, a couple of drops of hot sriracha, kewpie mayonnaise, BBQ sauce, panko breadcrumbs and katsuobushi.
Wine:  Long Rail Gully 2016 Pinot Gris – more intense fruit flavours

Second course saw a seared scallop, with a pork neck & chive gyoza, parsley puree, sesame, crispy pigs ear, roasted capsicum sauce, sumac and micro herbs.
Wine:  Long Rail Gully 2016 Pinot Noir – incredible claret colouring and we got an education lesson about the thinning out of Pinot vines

Third course was braised pork belly, an enormous butter poached king prawn, black barley, zucchini, local black garlic, Jerusalem artichoke and herb oil.
Wine:  Long Rail Gully 2015 Shiraz – deeply coloured, rich with fruit and spice

The fourth course was like a mini roast plate consisting of pressed pork leg, pepper crusted loin, smoked potato (so good!) baby beetroot, cabbage dumpling, carrot (that cut like butter) seeded mustard sauce and caramelised onion.
Wine:  Long Rail Gully 2015 Cabernet Sauvignon – soft and well rounded with berry flavours shining through

The dessert offering was similar to one of Dave’s menu tasting plates, but tonight it contained; chocolate and chestnut pudding, black sesame macaron, maple bacon ice cream (unreal!) condensed milk, pear, botrytis, and velvety smooth dark chocolate mousse.
Wine:  Long Rail Gully SSC (Shiraz Shrivelled in Crates) – perfectly sweet but not cloying or lingering, very (very) drinkable

The cost was only $110 per head for all this deliciousness, which was great value. My friends and I were paying guests.
Pistachio Dining is open for dinner Tuesday to Saturday.
3A Torrens Place, Torrens
Ph: 6286 2966