Tuesday, 24 October 2017

Cleaning Tips Using Vinegar

I was thrilled to recently join Ms Frugal Ears on her Frugal Dare to Millionaire Facebook Group in doing a joint video post waxing all things lyrical about vinegar. Vinegar you ask? Well yes, this marvellous product is a very frugal and a very effective cleaner. Rather than reaching for a commercial chemical cleaning solution, have you considered using vinegar?

Vinegar (in particular, white vinegar as opposed to malt or other vinegars) is great at cutting through grease and grime, acts as a deodorizer and has disinfectant properties. A little sure goes a long way.

I recently had to replenish my vinegar stash and headed to Costco to check out their pricing. I was pleasantly surprised (well, a little shocked!) to spend just $2.79 for a 5 litre container. Five whole litres for under $3.00 is pretty amazing. At a mere $0.55 cents per litre, it's a great deal.

I use vinegar for the following household cleaning chores:

Cleaning windows – Spray windows with a mix of approx. 25% vinegar with 75% water from a spray bottle. I used paper towels to clean the windows, but Serina mentions that she uses newspapers. Both give a good result, but newspapers have the bonus of being recyclable.  (I have to ponder though, are used paper towels recyclable in the ACT?)

Deodorizing the fridge – using the same ratio of vinegar solution as the window cleaner, spray onto fridge shelves, door pockets and inside crispers.  My go-to fridge cleaner used to be Mclintocks Vanilla Fridge Spray, but I wonder if I add vanilla essence to my vinegar solution if I would achieve similar results?

Floor cleaner – I have Blackbutt wood flooring which has been sanded and sealed. I make up a slightly weaker solution than the above ratio for cleaning the floors, as I don’t want to harm the surface, and so far its given me great results. It especially works hard in the kitchen where spots from cooking and the sink sometimes end up on the floor.

Unclogging sinks – Partner vinegar with bi-carbonate of soda and you have two powerhouse cleaning products. Sprinkle a little bi-carb into the clogged sink drain, then pour in a good splash of vinegar. The two will bubble on contact which is where the magic happens. Let this settle for a few minutes, before pouring in hot (not boiling!) water and voila! The sink is unclogged.

Serina uses vinegar around the house, kitchen and in her beauty regime:

In the dishwasher – if you run out of dishwasher tablets, pop some dishwashing liquid into the tablet dispenser and some vinegar into the rinse aid dispenser.

Dishwasher rinse aid – Pop some in the rinse aid holder in the dishwasher instead of using brand name rinse aid.  It provides a great way to make glassware sparkle.

Washing dishes – When dishwashing liquid runs out, or to stretch it a little further, add some vinegar. Especially good for cleaning pots and pans, as it cuts through grease with ease.

Cleaning your hair – Mix vinegar and water and use as a rinse over your hair. This is really good at descaling, or cutting through shampoo and product build up, leaving your hair shiny and clean. Serina also adds a bay leaf to the solution to cut through any vinegary smell. 

Cleaning whites in the laundry – used as an alternative to bleach, add vinegar to the wash when doing white clothing, or when wanting to brighten any yellowing or dull material like sheets and linens.

Cleaning your microwave – In a glass bowl use ¼ cup of vinegar to 1 cup water and let this heat in the microwave for about 3 minutes. Leave the door closed afterwards for around 5 minutes to help the steam/vinegar mix soften and loosen any baked on food inside the microwave. After 5 minutes, open the door and gently wipe down the interior of the microware. For any really stubborn areas, dip a cloth into the vinegar/water solution and give it a good scrub.

So reader, do you use vinegar for cleaning? What are you tips? 


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  2. Vinegar is an amazing cleaning solution. You have given us nice cleaning solution guideline.